Review of “Massive Deceptions in Modern Christianity: Exposing Myths and Sacrificing Sacred Cows on the Altar of Truth: Volume 1: A Christian Biblical Investigation Into the Essentials of Christianity: The Christian Mythbuster Series: The Last Days Edition.” by Steven Hawk

This book was well written, used a great deal of scripture and focused on a lot of key details of biblical prophecy.  I cannot however recommend it because of the conclusions that the author comes to, some of the statements that author makes.  There is also consistent misuse of scripture.  He argues whole points from scripture but then makes radical leaps to his conclusions before the scripture warrants them.  It makes it appear to the novice as if his thinking is exegetical, but in fact it uses many assumptions woven through the arguments that are subtle, but damaging to the text.

Any claim to have new biblical truth never before written by anyone should be seriously scrutinized.  (pages ii, LVIII, 226)  Such claims should fall idly by and be allowed to float without challenge.

The First section is on methodology and is pretty much sound but for a few details.  His methods are sound but in many cases he does not follow them.

The Second section is an attempt to dismantle various doctrinal positions of futurists and full preterists.  The problem is what arises from this section is a mishmash of views that contradict each other.  He arbitrarily holds onto some sacred cows of futurism, and some points of preterism and weaves them into a basket with a hole through which the rest of his argument escapes.  He holds to contradictory views on the rapture and resurrection.  (145, 154-157, 188)  These views permeate and draw down the rest of his position.

The Third section is the conclusion to which the rest of the book reaches.  The whole third section reads like a political treatise on American Greatness and conspiracy theories.  It discusses the Battle of Gog and Magog and identifies the key players in the mind of the author.  This section is very long on speculation and very short on evidence.  There are some disturbing statements in this books as well that speak of the need to genetically preserve the white race (224), Americas greatness because of whites (257, 320-21), and conspiracy theories that the Jews are controlling almost everything (215, 378, 380, 396, 418, 421, 425-26, 434).

I realize this book will appeal to a certain audience, but I cannot endorse the conclusions and some of the raw statements made by the author.

Here are some of the key points of Proper Preterism gleaned from the book

1)       It claims to be the discovery of new biblical truth (pg. II)

  1. Revealed now because of where we are in prophecy (LVIII)
  2. Never before able to be written by anyone (226)

2)      The Millennium Started in 70 AD and Ended in 1948 (V, 113, 170)

3)      Belief in Incorruptible Body at Death (Ed Stevens View) (p XLII-XLIII, 146)

4)      We are very near to the Great White Throne Judgment (LVIII,

5)      The Parousia just means the presence of Christ on His throng (14)

6)      Revelation began to be written in 45 Ad and was finished in 69 AD (19)

  1. It was discussed at the Jerusalem Council (129)

7)      The 6th King is Otho (Nero is 4th) (26)

8)      The Second Coming in Judgment on Jerusalem was between 70 and 73-74 AD (31

9)      The Lost Sheep of Israel are the Gentiles (ROE) (66)

10)   666 is the number of years the beast power corrupted the Israelites (85, 91)

  1. From the captivity to 70 AD supposedly

11)   The growth of Daniel’s rock into a great mountain is still ongoing (77)

12)   666 is not Nero because Gematria is “Jewish nonsense” and “occult” (86)

13)   Time of the Gentiles is Still Being Fulfilled (100)

14)   The Day of the Lord extends from 70 AD and we are still in it (118)

15)   The first resurrection is still ongoing for each believer (137)

16)   The wicked dead still await the second resurrection (120)

17)   We are still in the last trump (151)

18)   The rapture continues today and happened after 70 AD (154-55)

  1. We die and are then raptured (156)

19)   70 AD Begins the judgment the final aspect of which is still future (159)

20)   The “abyss” is the land of Judea (165)

21)   The Zealots are the Scorpions (168)

22)   Satan is Zionist Jews (61, 169)

  1. Was bound but then released into Judea in 1948 (201)
  2. Vespasian had bound Satan (206)

23)   Christ is still riding the White Horse with the sword from his mouth (173)

24)   The author also says he holds to the Essential Body View (Taffy Boyo’s new doctrine) (188)

25)   We currently live in the “little time” of Rev 20:3 (212)

26)   The USA is The Israel of God and the Mountains of Israel (237, 239, 240, 327)

  1. Full preterism is wrong partially because it claims the “most prosperous Christian nation on earth is not mentioned in biblical prophecy.” (245)
  2. He writes it Jer USA lem (254)
  3. All promises to Israel are really to the USA (273)
  4. We are blessed because of our Caucasian Christian ancestors (277)
  5. Oriental immigrants are not devoted Americans (435)

27)   Gog and Magog are

  1. Illegal immigrants (214)

i.      Mexican immigrants are the enemy from the North because the COMEUP (359)

ii.      Mexicans are dirty people (375)

  1. Terrorists and Muslims (221, 351, 440)
  2. Messianic Jews (238)
  3. Too many countries to list here (350-430)
  4. China (433)
  5. Indians (448)

28)   The Jews control :

  1. All banks (215)
  2. The Catholic Church (378)

i.       Probably Started the RCC to subvert Christianity (380)

  1. The Obama Administration (396)
  2. Conspire against the Tea Party (418)
  3. Slave Trade was motivated and run by them (421)
  4. Jews fight against racial purity (425)
  5. Caused Nazism (426)
  6. Chines Economy (434)

29)   The USA is the Living Waters because we distribute bibles (482)

30)   The final battle is at hand (489)

  1. God will dispose of Gog and Magog and Israel (492)

31)   The Great White Throne Judgment is in our near future (492)

The whole Third and final section reads like an American political treatise, not a book on eschatology.

There are some disturbing statements in this books as well such as:

“It is the Zionist goal and that the enemies of God and Christ to seek to genetically destroy the white race…”  (224)

The “migration patterns of the white ancestry”  and the start as 13 colonies (13 tribes) proves we are the Israel of God. (257)

“we have been life to when told Christianity was not the goal for America by the Caucasians of different nations…” (320)

The wealth was “accumulated by Caucasians from hard work.” (321)

“God and Magog can they be derivatives of SYNA GOG and DeMAGOG?”  (355)


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